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Our highly trained, technical team and support staff have many years of experience in design, development, and installation of integrated systems for commercial, industrial, educational, government, military and correctional facilities.We have an unparalleled reputation for our technical capability in the complex integrated systems arena with the development and formulation of premier standards for many integrated system applications including sophisticated networked configurations.

Void Fire Consultants is one of the fastest growing diversified engineering companies having specialization in the field of Lab Equipment Systems.
Void Fire Consultants is one of the fastest growing diversified engineering companies having specialization in the field of Medical Equipment Systems.
Void Fire Consultants is one of the fastest growing diversified engineering companies having specialization in the field of Fire Fighting, Detection, Alarm & Suppression Systems.


Hazard Analysis / Assessment & Customized Fire Protection Solutions. Turnkey Contracting and Consulting Solutions for all type of Fire Fighting & Fire Detection Systems including preparation of BOQs with estimate, project consultancy from planning stage to its completion including Provisional & Final Fire NOCs from respective authorities.
Assessment, Supply, Installation, Training & Maintenance of Fire Fighting Systems such as Wet Riser, Down Comer, Courtyard Fire Hydrant, Dry Rusher, Automatic Sprinkler System, Passive Fire Protection, Gong Bell and Complete Fire Pump Room Setups.
Assessment, Supply, Installation, Training & Maintenance of Fire Alarm/ Detection Systems such as Addressable, Non addressable Intelligent/ Conventional Fire Smoke Alarm Detection System, Electronic Hooter, Manual Call Points, Response Indicators, Zone Wise Fire Panel Installations.
Assessment, Supply, Installation, Training & Maintenance of CO2 Gas Flooding Systems, Clean Agent Flooding Systems, FM 200 Flooding System, Fire Trace, CO2 Extinguishing, Foam Flooding Systems.
Assessment, Supply, Installation, Training & Maintenanceof Public Address System (PA System) complete with nurse call system with panels, speakers, amplifiers.
Assessment, Supply, Installation, Training & Refilling of Fire Extinguishers, ISI mark Fire Safety Equipments, Breathing Apparatus, Gas mask, Fire Suits, Fire Tenders, Mobile Hydrants, PP Equipments, Electrical Mats&Exit / Emergency Lights and Signage.
Highly Skilled Manpower to fabricate, install, hydro test, commission of the Fire Fighting Systems with all required machinery backed up by Site Supervision.

Installation/Setup of Water Treatment Plant

The aim of water treatment is to produce and maintain water that is hygienically safe, esthetically attractive and palatable, in an economical manner. Water treatment involves physical, chemical and biological changes that transform raw water into potable water.

The treatment process used in any specific instance depends on the quality and nature of raw water.

Typical Scheme for Potable Water System.

1. Raw water is pumped to an Aerator, which oxidizes soluble iron in the Raw Water from Ferrous to Ferric State

2. Water flows to the Stilling Chamber to break the turbulence State

3. Water is then taken into the Flash Mixer for intimate mixing of chemicals with the raw water.

4. The raw water is dosed with Alum, Lime and Polyelectrolyte to coagulate and flocculate the suspended / colloidal matter and form flock of higher nuclei thereby enhancing the efficiency of sedimentation

5. Chemically dosed raw water is then fed into the clariflocculator unit wherein flocculation and clarification of raw water takes place.

6. The sludge generated in the clariflocculator is bled via Telescopic Bleeds to an underground Sludge Pit. The sludge collected from the plant is finally pumped out.

7. Clarified water is collected in the launder of the clarifier located on the top periphery from where it flows to the gravity filter for further filtration

8. Chlorine dosing is done for disinfection purpose

9. Filtered water is collected in filtered water storage tank from where it is pumped to various consuming points

 Annual Maintenance Contracts for above-mentioned systems.